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Adrian Lau Lawyers has in-depth expertise in providing high-quality corporate and commercial services to our clients.  Our Corporate & Commercial services include providing practical solutions to clients in a wide range of industries at all stages of their operations.


We have abundant experience in a wide spectrum of Corporate and Commercial matters, including without limitation the following:


  • Merger and Acquisition;

  • Joint Venture;

  • Corporate Finance;

  • Legal Due Diligence;

  • Foreign Investment in China;

  • Preparation or Review of Commercial Documents;

  • Transfer of Business and Assets; and

  • Company Secretarial Services.





  • 收購與合併

  • 成立合資企業

  • 企業融資

  • 法律盡職調查

  • 中國外商投資

  • 草擬及審閱商業文件

  • 業務及資產轉讓

  • 公司秘書服務

Corporate & Commercial





Banking & Finance
Banking & Finance

Banking and Finance underpins all commercial activities. We provide legal advice on a wide range of financial activities such as:


  • Syndicated loans;

  • Collaterals;

  • Revolving loans;

  • Term loans; and

  • Obtaining money lender licences.



  • 銀團貸款

  • 附屬擔保

  • 循環貸款

  • 定期貸款

  • 申請放債人牌照



Employer and employee relation is at the cornerstone of every corporation.  To provide our clients with a one-stop service, the matters on which we advise include without limitation the following:


  • Employment contracts and internal employment regulations (e.g. staff handbooks);

  • Labour disputes, termination, remuneration, entitlements and settlement;

  • Confidentiality, privacy and personal data issues;

  • Discrimination and harassment claims; and

  • Mandatory provident fund (MPF) schemes.  




  • 僱傭合約及公司內部守則(如員工手冊)

  • 勞資糾紛、終止合約、薪酬、福利、和解等事宜

  • 保密、隱私及個人資料

  • 歧視及騷擾投訴

  • 強制性公積金計劃

Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property

Technology, research, and development are crucial to innovation and thus are at the core of businesses.  We are experienced in matters related to trademarks, moral rights, copyrights, patents, and assignment of technologies.  The scope of our services includes licensing, matters relating to passing-off and infringement of intellectual property rights, registration of trademarks, registered designs and copyright protection. 


Compliance & Regulatory
Compliance & Regulatory

We offer compliance and regulatory advice on different industries and aspects.  For instance:


  • Corporate and finance regulatory matters (e.g. Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (SEHK) related issues, such as the Listing Rules and the Securities and Futures Ordinance); and

  • Competition Law.



  • 企業與金融監管(其中包括有關香港證券及期貨事務監察委員會及聯合交易所的規管,如《上市規則》及《證券及期貨條例》等)

  • 競爭法

China Related Legal Services
China Related Legal Services

Our Firm has in-depth experience in providing China-related legal services to local and overseas clients.  We have a strong understanding of the business environment in China and have good connections with quality Mainland lawyers.  Also, to better serve our clients, our services can be provided in both Chinese and English.  The scope of our services includes without limitation advice on:


  • Joint venture;

  • Merger and acquisition;

  • Intellectual property;

  • Corporate finance;

  • Foreign investment; and

  • Labour issues.



  • 合資企業

  • 收購與合併

  • 知識產權法

  • 企業融資

  • 中國外商投資

  • 勞動法

Landloard and Tenant
Landlord and Tenant

We are often instructed by both landlords and tenants to prepare and provide legal advice on lease agreements related to commercial or residential property.


Wills and Trust
Wills, Probate and Trust

Our Firm is experienced in providing will services to local and overseas clients, as well as setting up family trusts for our clients, for managing their assets. We also handle a variety of probate matters, including without limitation applications for grants of probate and letters of administration, subsequent administration and distribution of the estate, intestacy matters, and deeds of family arrangements.


Litigation and Arbitration
Litigation and Arbitration

Our Firm provides legal services in relation to civil and criminal litigation and arbitration.  We are particularly experienced in the following areas:


  • Commercial and Contractual disputes

  • Winding up and bankruptcy actions

  • Insurance claims

  • Personal injury claims and employee compensation claims

  • Tenancy disputes and Lands Tribunal applications

  • Traffic accident and negligence claims



  • 商業及合約糾紛

  • 清盤及破產處理

  • 保險賠償

  • 個人傷亡及僱員索償

  • 租約糾紛及土地審裁處案件

  • 交通意外及疏忽索償


Our Firm acts in a broad spectrum of matrimonial matters.  In addition to acting in divorce actions and ancillary relief proceedings, we provide advice on matters including without limitation the following:


  • Relationship breakdown, divorce, separation and separation deeds

  • Declaration of status of marriage

  • Applications for ancillary relief

  • Arrangements for children

  • Emergency injunction applications



  • 處理關係破裂、離婚、分居及離婚協議

  • 婚姻狀況聲明

  • 辦理離婚手續

  • 安排子女撫養權

  • 申請緊急禁制令


Globalisation is becoming an increasingly prominent phenomenon.  As the world gets smaller, companies are constantly expanding into new jurisdictions and individuals immigrating to different countries.  Our Firm’s immigration practice assists both companies and individuals in a variety of immigration matters, such as working visa applications, providing advice on Hong Kong immigration law, and handling investigations and/or prosecution from the Immigration Department.

在全球化趨勢主導下,更多商業機構將業務拓展至其它司法領域,而個別人士亦越來越普遍到海外就業或居住。 本所提供之移民法服務對象涵蓋商業機構及個別人士,就申請工作簽證、香港入境事務條例、香港入境事務處調查及/或執法等各方面提供法律意見。

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