Mr. Adrian W. H. LAU

Principal Partner

The Founder and Principal Partner of our Firm is Mr. Adrian Lau Wing Hung (B.Sc. (Hon.), LL.B. (Hon.), LL.M.).  Mr. Lau first qualified as a solicitor in Hong Kong in 1995, and was admitted as a solicitor of England & Wales in 1997.  Mr. Lau completed his training and started his legal career at a top-tier international law firm and subsequently worked at several leading international and local law firms before the establishment of our Firm.  Apart from working as solicitor in law firms, Mr. Lau has also served as securities regulator in the Securities and Future Commissions of Hong Kong (SFC).  His broad spectrum of experience and knowledge is definitely conducive to his service to the clients.  He has also joined Messrs. King and Company as a Consultant since 1 May 2016.  Mr. Lau is a Civil Celebrant of Marriages, too.

Mr. Lau has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in handling complicated matters in practice areas like Corporate and Commercial, Banking and Finance, Employment, Intellectual Property, Compliance and Regulatory and China related matter.  He is currently a member of the Employment Law Committee of The Law Society of Hong Kong, and has been the author of the legal article “法人法語” on various topics published on Sing Tao Daily.


Mr. Lau has been participating in pro bono service with enthusiasm.  Amongst others, he is now the President Elect of the Rotary Club of Star Avenue, as well as the legal adviser of SME Sustainability Society and Quality Water & Equipment Association (being formed) respectively.  He has also joined the “Future Stars – Future Stars Mentoring Programme” organized by the Commission on Poverty as Mentor.  He is fluent in English, Cantonese and Putonghua.




本所的創辦人兼首席合夥人劉永雄律師(理學士(榮譽),法律學士(榮譽),法律碩士)於1995年正式獲取香港律師執業資格,並於1997年獲取英格蘭和威爾士律師資格。劉律師在一間頂尖的國際律師事務所完成見習及開展其法律事業。在成立本所前,劉律師曾任職其他具規模的國際及本地律師事務所。在執業之外, 劉律師亦曾於香港證券及期貨事務監察委員會擔任證券業監管者。憑藉其廣博之經驗及知識,劉律師致力為客戶提供專業法律服務。自2016年5月起,劉律師同時成為了譚德興 程國豪 劉麗卿律師行之顧問律師。此外,劉律師亦具備婚姻監禮人資格。​



劉律師具備深入的知識和廣博的經驗,以處理複雜的公司及商業、銀行與金融、僱佣、知識產權、監管及合規以及中國相關之法律業宜。劉律師現為香港律師會勞動法委員會成員,並曾為刊登於星島日報”法人法語” 有關不同題材之法律文章的作者。

劉律師熱心參與公益或義務活動,其中包括現時擔當星光大道扶輪社的候任社長並分別出任中小企可持續發展學會和優質飲用水及設備協會(籌)之法律顧問。他亦參與由扶貧委員會推行的“明日之星 — 星伴同行師友計劃”的個人友師。彼精通中、英語。


Ms. Charmaine W. Y. YIM


Ms. Charmaine Yim Wing Yan (LL.B. (Hon.)) is a Partner of our Firm.  She is also a Consultant of Messrs. King and Company.  Ms. Yim obtained her bachelor degree in law from The University of Hong Kong, and was admitted and enrolled as solicitor in Hong Kong in 2011. She is also a Civil Celebrant of Marriages.  She is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.  Her practice focuses on mergers & acquisitions, banking & finance, corporate finance & capital markets, and other corporate and commercial work.  Regarding her engagement in the commercial sphere, Ms. Yim is appointed as legal advisor to trade association(s) including The Hong Kong Glass & Mirror Merchants & Manufacturers Association. Ms. Yim has also been actively participating in pro bono services. She was a council member (cum volunteer legal advisor) of The Island East Club of Y’s Men International (Hong Kong District), a charitable organisation affiliated to YMCA International.



嚴穎欣律師(法律學士(榮譽))為本所的合夥人,同時身兼 譚德興 程國豪 劉麗卿 律師行顧問律師職務。彼畢業於香港大學,取得法律學士學位,其後於2011年正式獲取香港律師執業資格,亦具備婚姻監禮人資格。彼精通中、英語。嚴律師的專業領域包括收購合併、銀行與金融、企業融資及資本市場,以及其它企業和商業項目。在商業領域上,嚴律師獲委任為商會(包括港九玻璃鏡業總商會)的法律顧問。此外,嚴律師彼積極參與公益活動,曾出任國際基督教青年會(YMCA)香港區附屬慈善團體東區聯青社之理事兼義務法律顧問。


Ms. Grace S. W. LAW

Ms. Grace Law Shun Wah (LL.B. (Hon.)) is a Partner of our Firm. Ms. Law graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor Degree in Laws (Upper Second-class Honors) and obtained her Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (Distinction) at the same university. She was admitted as a solicitor in Hong Kong in 2019. Ms. Law joined our Firm as Trainee Solicitor in 2017 and was eventually promoted to Partner.

Ms. Law’s practice covers corporate and commercial matters, including public and private M&A transactions, and equity and debt financing. She regularly advises clients on regulatory compliance, corporate governance and other general commercial matters. Ms. Law also has experience in handling cases concerning banking, employment, insolvency and intellectual property.  She is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.




羅舜華律師(法律學士(榮譽))為本所的合夥人。羅律師在2016年畢業於香港大學,取得法律學士學位(二级甲等榮譽), 其後於香港大學以優異生資格取得法學專業證書課程,並在2019年正式獲取香港律師執業資格。羅律師於2017年加入本所為見習律師,並於其後獲晉升為合夥人。






Joanna Lau_edited.png

Mrs. Joanna L. H. LI LAU


Mrs. Joanna Li Lau Lai-Hing (B.A. (Hon.)) is a Consultant of our Firm.  She was first admitted as a solicitor in Hong Kong in 1986, qualified as solicitor in England and Wales and Australia in 1990, and later admitted as a solicitor in Singapore in 1995.  Mrs. Li has worked at other major local law firms and has been a partner at King and Company since 1990.  Mrs. Li is also a China-Appointed Attesting Officer and a Civil Celebrant of Marriages.




劉麗卿律師(文學士(榮譽))是本所的顧問律師。劉律師於1986年獲取香港律師執業資格、於1990年成為英格蘭和威爾士及澳大利亞律師,並於1995年獲取星加坡律師資格。劉律師曾任職其他本地主要律師行,隨後於1990年起成為譚德興 程國豪 劉麗卿 律師行之合夥人。此外,劉律師亦具備中國委托公証人及婚姻監禮人資格。

Bernard Tam_edited.png

Mr. Bernard T. H. TAM


Mr. Bernard Tam Tak-Hing (B.Soc.Sc. (Hon.)) is a Consultant of our Firm.  He was admitted as solicitor in Hong Kong and England and Wales in 1975 and 1990 respectively.  Mr. Tam has been a Partner and then Consultant at King and Company since 1978, before which he worked as a solicitor at two leading local law firms.  Mr. Tam is also a Notary Public, a China-Appointed Attesting Officer and a Civil Celebrant of Marriages.




​譚德興律師(社會科學學士(榮譽))為本所的顧問律師。譚律師分別於1975年及1990年正式獲取香港律師執業資格及英格蘭和威爾士律師資格,彼曾於兩間本地具規模的律師行出任律師職務,並自1978年起先後出任 譚德興 程國豪 劉麗卿 律師行合夥人和顧問律師。 譚律師同時擁有國際公証人、中國委托公証人及婚姻監禮人資格。

Veronica Ng_edited.png

Ms. Veronica O. L. Ng


Ms. Veronica Ng Oi Lam is a Consultant of our Firm.  Ms. Ng graduated from The University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor Degree in Laws (First Class Honours) and obtained her Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (Distinction) at the same university.  She was admitted as a Solicitor in Hong Kong in 2011 and subsequently appointed as a Notary Public of Hong Kong.  Ms. Ng is a banking and finance lawyer.  She worked at one of the largest international law firms in Hong Kong and then a London-based international law firm for nearly a decade, regularly advising leading banks, other financial institutions and corporate borrowers on the structuring, negotiation and documentation of loan transactions.  Her practice focuses on bilateral and syndicated loan transactions and she also has experience in cross-border financing, ship finance and acquisition finance.  She is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.






Ms. Kendra C. L. Chan

Trainee Solicitor

Ms. Kendra Chan Cheuk Lim (LL.B. (Hon.)) is our Trainee Solicitor. She graduated from the City University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor Degree in Laws (Upper Second-class Honors) in 2019. She later completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL) at the City University of Hong Kong in 2020. Ms. Chan is fluent in English, Cantonese and Putonghua.





People Icon.png

Ms. Sherry K. S. Tsui



Ms. Sherry Tsui Kit Sze (B.Soc.Sc. (Hon.)) is our Paralegal.  She graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor Degree of Social Science (Upper Second-class Honors), major in Journalism and Communication, in 2016.  Ms. Tsui is fluent in English, Cantonese, Putonghua and Japanese.





Industry sectors

Our Firm has expertise in a wide variety of industry sectors, including without limitation:

  • Food and beverage;

  • Consumer products;

  • Media and film;

  • Transportation;

  • Pharmaceuticals and life sciences;

  • Textiles and garments;

  • Electronics and homeware;

  • Tourism and luxury products; and

  • Cosmetics.

Our team specializes in the practice areas in relation to listed, public and private companies, as well as individuals.


Examples of our lawyers' experience in recent years include:


  • Establishing joint ventures involving mining, real estate, catering and beverages, brand management, railway construction project, R&D, manufacturing and retail, development of new technologies, health care, etc.  One of such joint ventures intended to inject investment amounting to US$650 million.

  • Advising on a “very substantial disposal” of a listed company in relation to cross-border transportation services.

  • Advising on a “very substantial acquisition” of a listed company in relation to railway related services.

  • Advising on a cross-border syndicated loan arrangement of about US$200 million.

  • Advising a multi-national on various employment disputes.


本所於不同行業的法律服務均有豐富經驗, 包括但不限於以下各項: 
  • 餐飲業;

  • 消費產品; 

  • 媒體與電影;

  • 交通;

  • 製藥及生物科技;

  • 紡織及製衣;

  • 電子及家居用品;

  • 旅遊業及奢侈品; 和

  • 美容產品




  • 建立合資企業,業務範圍包括礦業、房地產、餐飲、品牌管理、鐵路建設項目、項目研發、製造及零售、創新科技、醫療衛生等,其中一項合資擬注入六億五千萬美元資本。

  • 參與處理某承辦跨境運輸的上市公司之“非常重大的出售事項”交易,並提供法律服務。

  • 為一間上市公司就提供鐵路相關服務的“非常重大的收購事項” 交易提供法律服務。

  • 就一宗涉及約二億美元的跨境銀團貸款安排提供法律諮詢意見。

  • 為一所跨國企業就勞資糾紛問題提供法律意見。